Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Head To Kroger For Your Proven Winners Plants

"Honey, on your way home will you pick up some milk and eggs? Oh, and grab a couple of Proven Winners hydrangeas while you are there."
Proven Winners shrubs are as close as your local Kroger's grocery store. 
I grew this weigelia - pretty, long lasting blooms and needs some afternoon shade in Middle Tennessee. 

I'm going to try this hydrangea - any one have some experience growing it ?


Casa Mariposa said...

When I lived in SC I bought our weeping willow at the Winn Dixie. I left for milk and came back with a tree. When I lived in upstate NY I bought the majority of my perennials from Price Chopper. I grew whatever they sold and I never knew what I'd end up with. It was fun!

barbara wise said...

It is a little like a box of chocolates, isn't it Amy? Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Hoover Boo said...

I got two Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise' for a buck apiece at our version of Krogers. You never know where you'll find a good plant.